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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 11, 2012 9:00pm-9:40pm CST

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it has been a while the weather today in chicagoild weather day in chicago >> it is going to be an interesting night. we're watching cold air that the spiralingi s is spiraling. you can see a little snow if you look carefully... windsy'y'art t sryryryryryryryryryryryt
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wind speeds close to 50 mph. >> the heavy winds earlier in the day did their share of damage. most notably here in the 1200 block of cleveland in evanston where a downed tree came to rest against an apartment building. residents of the building described a dramatic scene >> we heard a loud crack. the building showedok
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>> fire crews also evacuated a building next door as a precaution while a company was called in to remove the trade. nobody was hurt >> there were several other reports of downed trees in the northern suburbs. crews were also busy where some downed trees had to be removed because they were blocking roads. today storms also caused problems for com-ed. they reported as many as 24,000 customers without power. that number is down to about 8000 right now >> the cause of a huge explosion that rocked a neighborhood in indianapolis remains a mystery tonight. two people were killed. several
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others were burned in the explosion. the fire engulfed four homes. the blaze spread to blocks in all directions. the neighborhood was evacuated but not before some neighbors helped others >> she was bloody and she was crying >> people reported feeling and hearing the blast from up to 3 mi. away. hundreds of people were forced to flee. some will not be able to get into their homes while authorities continue their investigation into what happens >> america honored of the nation's military veterans today. president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington national cemetery. the president said veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries post- traumatic stress disorder and other wounds of war will receive the care and treatment they need. he said it and expressions of gratitude alone are not enough for veterans and their
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families >> we must do more. >> president obama later met with military families in section 60 of the cemetery where veterans of the most recent wars in iraq and afghanistan are buried >> there were also plenty of local ceremonies where our veterans were honored for their service >> a live look at some of them >> all across the chicago area today there were eight events honoring our veteranevents honoring our veterans >> a visually striking display in downtown naperville.. the healing field of honor.
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they did a beautiful job. fascinating to see it all. 2,012 flags waving in the wind. a tribute to committment that's unwavering. each representing an american hero. it makes you feel we did something we could so we could be free. freedom doesnt come cheap veterans of all american wars were remembered at a historical re-enactment at chicago's rosehill cemetery. at navy pier.. governor quinn unveiled the portrait of a soldier exhibit.... showing the faces of every illinois servicemember killed at war since september eleventh. all of us can look and see the souls of men and women from illinois. at the a-t-and t store at michigan avenue... customers using tablets to send messages of appreciation. it's a great day to love a veteran. and two wounded vets were feeling the soldier field. this means a whole lot to me and my family army specialist frank pierson and army ranger tory honda
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presented with brand new cars. firefighters sold t-shirts to buy these gifts. it's a way to say, thanks... for soldiers who have given so much.. what you do for us and what you do for this state and this country. we could never thank you enough. >> the talk at many of today's event was about helping veterans to come home with wounds both visible and invisible. the proceeds from the exhibit is going towards developing better treatment for veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries and posttraumatic stress disorder >> a group of anti-war veterans held its own event today. iraq veterans against the war and vietnam vets against the war gathered at the vietnam war memorial in downtown chicago. they held a moment of silence in honor of those who've died... and those who will die in the line of duty.
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they called for an immediate withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan... so american military men and women can begin the process of healing. >> the veterans and spoke about their experiences in war and their continuing struggle to heal from the psychological scars of battle >> also on this veterans day the national veterans art museum held a grand opening at it's new location. the exhibition is called welcome home featuring the arch of two veterans \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \t of 2 veterans. it is
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part of a series of shows and performances exploiting the trauma of war. the museum is open to the public from today through memorial day >> still to come, a murder that horrified a west suburban community one year ago is now the inspiration for an act of charity. also, a pair of iconic chicago buildings prepare to celebrate a milestone. and later, he went from a law clerk for abraham lincoln, to one of our country's most famous fighters. the nearly-forgotten story of an american hero. break
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girl murdered by a burglar nearly a year ago. randi belisomo tells us -- how the event paved the way for the hopes and dreams of other young people. >> what a difference a year makes. her tragedy has turned to selfless service of others. >> everybody asked what they could do. at first we did not know. we eventually came around >> this morning was the first annual run... a community hit hard by her killing last october by a burglar. the man sent
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taunting text messages to the parents >> her friends and their parents really want to do something to to keep her memory alive >> instead of looking at the negative we are trying to focus on the positive >> the cdc bend to teach other childre aboutshe was a very silly girl. >> proceeds from today's event
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goes to the memorial fund to help young people seeking a college education. >> action is very friendly and upbeatshe was a friend everyoneto everyone >> tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of a chicago landmark, the rmarina city towers. but first residents moved in on november 12, 1962. at the time the towers were the tallest residential buildings in the world 65 stories high. the became recognizable worldwide for their unique corncob design. tomorrow night searchlights will be set up beside the towers to mark the anniversary >> some historians call him the
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most famous man in america just before the civil war started. so why is elmer ellsworth not a household name? the story of an american hero from illinois is next >> and later some familiar faces step away from the anchor desk and on to the stage for a good cause.. break ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female
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up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. on this veterans day we want to tell you the story of a civil war soldier who has become little more than a footnote in history.. despite the fact that he is the first union officer to be killed in the civil war.
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despite being one of the most famous soldiers in the nation at the time, there is little to commemorate his impact on history. wgn's larry potash tells us how some people are trying to change that. >> l. moore ellswort got his start in and he got his start here in illinois... he was not an intimidating force. he was a leader of men through character . law clerk for abe lincoln. >> they were pretty much acrobats on the battlefield.
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there were gymnasts. barry deadly on the battlefiel >> he issued a challenge for other units... when no one responded he took his men across the country to perform 22 shows. people were stunned. >> historians have said he was the most famous man in america at that time. >> april 18th 61 tensions rose between north and south... an eight ellsworth was the first officer to lead the march into virginia... he marched to the
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top and tore down the flag and draped it over his shoulder. >> elmer was shot... first martar of the union caused >> little has been written about ellsworth... only two books. >> he started a foundation >> he says is the perfect place
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for an ellsworth statue... >> he is a hometown hero, a friend of lincoln's. abraham lincoln would want theat >> he may have been forgotten because he came from illinois and not the east... >> to learn more about the ellsworth memorial association go to ellsworth >> your live illinois lottery drawing is next >> after that jim ramsey
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returned with more on the drastic drop in temperatures that is already going on >> tonight on instant replay... the bears... nfl... prep athlete of the month... lexus long drive... and nascar... 9:40 tonight... break
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snow... no accumulation... high today 70 degrees.. buildin
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you usually see them sitting at the anchor desk or reporting from the scene of breaking news. but last night, some chicago journalists got an opportunity to show off a different kind of talent. (singing) wgn's own dina bair, steve sanders and dan ponce were among the chicago tv and radio personalities taking the stage at the park west for "newsapalooza 3". the event was organized by radio talk show host roe conn and grammy award winner richard marx.. who also played and sang with the broadcasters. the concert benefits "clearbrook".. an organization that provides services to children and adults with developmental disabilities.
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the world's largest tow truck the world's largest tow truck parade returns to the chicago area. and this truck parade is for the children. it's the tow trucks for tots parade for the holidays. hundreds of tow trucks from through the midwest travel from hollywood casino jolieet to toyota park in bridgeview. they are carrying tots that will be delivered to the children who might not otherwise receive
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a toy on the holiday. the collection for the toys start months before today -- all to insure the kids have a merry christmas. >> that is the news for this sunday night... >> instead replay is coming the name your price tool shows you
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